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LS13 MoneyMod

Uploaded by: Admin
Uploaded: 25th October,2012
Downloaded: 52230 times
File size: 3209.81


Here is the money cheat mod for Farming Simulator 2013.

CTRL + ALT + [Horn key] gives you 1,000,000 LS dollars.
CTRL + ALT + [Beacon key] removes 1,000,000 LS dollars from your account.


Script: Hummel
LS13 Ready: Alex2009

Broken link?
joe @ HJT Agri says 26th October,2012:

anyone else whos downloaded this having trouble getting it to work?

Shad says 26th October,2012:

hi, could someone please tell how to install this mod in the 2013 version as there is no mod file!!!

Michel says 26th October,2012:

Je n arrive pas a augmenter mon capital en faisant la manip Ctrl + alt + (horn key ) touche 0... Merci pour votre aide

myriam says 27th October,2012:

il faut que aller dans le magasin et appuis sur : ctrl/alt et la touche klacson (à) et sa marche.

Admin says 27th October,2012:

Yes it's working for me, just read description

Paesan says 28th October,2012:

I don't know where exactly I have to copy those three files, for this to work.

sandi says 28th October,2012:

katera tipka je horn

Paesan says 31st October,2012:

Please, can somebody tell me where I have to copy those files, so I can use this moneymod?

dominik says 2nd November,2012:

bonjour je peux p-t taide taide tu va dans farming simulator ensite ta surgarde et tu chec money tu va voir ton montentr qu ta en se momen apres tu ecrie luie tu veux et ses faitre :P

farmercrazybob says 4th November,2012:

you can also adjust your savegame guys.. documents/my games/ farmingsimulator2013/savegame1 open the careersavegame with notepad and change the value for the money to whatever you want! just save.. and open the game again..

Paesan says 6th November,2012:

Thank you! I completely forgot I can edit that file. Now I'm an energy mogul. :))

gaylord says 9th November,2012:

bonjour je narive pas a faire marcher le mod argent pouver vous médé

Djuka says 16th November,2012:

why do not we recognize that money, I pressed ctrl + alt +0 but nothing happens??? o.O

BOBBOBBOB ikke sant? says 26th December,2012:

it dos not work ( (O_O))

BOBBOBBOB ikke sant? says 26th December,2012:

IT WORKS!!! ((OuO))

simen says 3rd January,2013:

where is the horn key

EvilDutch says 17th January,2013:

Nope, dosn't work in 1.3..

benoit says 11th January,2014:

je n'arrive pas a activer le mod j'ai tout essayer est-ce que vous pouvez m'expliquer en français s'il vous plait?

HeyGirlHey says 12th September,2015:

Where is the beacon key?

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