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LS13 Fendt 828 Vario2

Uploaded by: Admin
Uploaded: 28th October,2012
Downloaded: 13991 times
File size: 16728.77


Hve IC


Credits: surrealcrash-fruktor

Broken link?
kigen84 says 28th October,2012:

works but need to be fixt whit lights and becon.

nick says 1st November,2012:

Look at the right front wheel, upload the original version thats looks like it should. @kigen84, have you pressed the right buttons? Press Home and you will start the beacon.

nick says 1st November,2012:

left front wheel*

Mustyzzle says 2nd November,2012:

Lights beacon are actualy "turning" but not "lighting" . And yes there is a lil problem with the front left wheel. Great tractor so far ;)

admin says 2nd November,2012:

maybe soon they will release fixed version of this mod :)

Marwin says 3rd November,2012:

This tractor is to fast, it goes up in speed to fast and the 1,2,3 levels are to fast. Slow it down to what the tractors in that size that comes with the game drive. Other from that, beautiful tractor, absolutley love the functions and the looks, more of this! Cheers.

Row says 5th November,2012:

how do you start engine ?

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