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Claas jaguar 880

Uploaded by: Admin
Uploaded: 16th April,2013
Downloaded: 22741 times
File size: 8992.56


Hier ist ein Claas Jaguar 880 mit Claas Jaguar RU 450

Funktionen: Standart

Tankinhalt 780 Liter


Gemacht hat ihn Deeplue

Broken link?
MajSolo says 17th April,2013:

I got 1200 cows playing on hard level and they are really hungry. I need a huger mower. There existed one in FS11 two arms on both sides so it had like 5 cutters. It was a CLAAS. Only it did not gather the grass into a single string just cut the grass. But I really really really need a huge mower :) Right now I am using the Krone Big M_Attach mod and the largest forage wagon I could find. I need something bigger but the modders seem to think no one is interested in a huge mower. If I got one I could have more cows -> more maneur -> more greenhouses -> more money. Right now I use the Cat 966H mod with the cheating 100 000 litre showel :) got 7 of those showels to store the maneur until it is distribution day. Fill greenhouses every second day. Only there is not enough maneur, I don't have the energy to gather all the grass. I need a bigger mower :) and more cows. Keep up the good work and see if you can find and convert and or make larger the FS11 Claas mower :) Thank you.

MajSolo says 19th April,2013:

And also put 3 arms on it on each side. Press '1' working width 1, 1 arm down on each side. And then working width '2' and '3' with all arms down and 7 cutters down :) Also they need to gather the grass in one string and the machine need a hitch. I don't understand why nearly all modders or mod converters don't put a hitch on EVERYTHING. That way you can bring 5 forage wagons in a train to a far away field and separate them there. Fill them up and hook them together and drive home. Why why why do you not put a hitch on everything.

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